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Southeast Texas
Dream Center

A Safe Refuge 
for Women in Transition
Living Home Program.

A Safe Refuge

SETX Dream Center provides a secure environment for our residents.

Women In Transition

Dream Center provides women in transition with the necessary skills to successfully reconnect back into the community.


Residents live in a communal society where all are made to feel at  home...for as long as it takes.

SETX Dream Center

Operates from the proceeds received from local churches and private donors as well as fund raising events like link sales and garage sales, .

Women who live in the home also contribute to its support when they begin to work .

Monthly donations from the public are welcome and very much appreciated.

Our vision is to tranform and restore lives to women in need.


Become a donor to the SETX Dream Center.

Sign up below using PayPal to make automatic monthly donations to the SETX Dream Center, providing shelter, security, and  a path back to the commmunity for local women in need.

Help us raise these women up from the depths, back to normal functioning in the community.

We welcome women to come up to a loving Christian home environment ,  where residents live in a communal society and all are made to feel at home
...for as long as it takes.


Help us save women in need.
Donate TODAY!

Click the button below to go directly to PayPal and make a donation TODAY


Lt us know what you think, and how we can help you.


Southeast Texas Dream Center
2331 Coronado Street
Orange TX 77630


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